Your First Step Toward Social Pollination

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Full Site and Additional Information coming soon!!! In the mean time, check out TOMO! in the news below and find out what the buzz is about.

Show me your TOMO by The Bodega Podcast

Word around town is that this is the show that introduces new audiences to podcasts but is it true? How could a group of twenty-somethings possibly draw such a crowd? Is it Derick, Adaloso and RJ's we

And the winner is…

TOMO! Takes home "Best Innovative Product" at The NJBB 2016 Black-Tie Gala Event.

NYC Tech Day

Co-Founders Frank Ozoria & Alfonzo Smith attend New York City's Annual Tech Day

Propeller Fest

Co-Founders Alfonzo Smith and Frank Ozoria at NJ's First Propeller Fest
TEANECK,N.J. - A group of Teaneck High School alumni are on a mission to solve the 21st century social media crisis: too many platforms, too little time. But now, there's an app for that - TOMO! Launched last November by the group of eight friends, TOMO!